I have started watching the TV-series Grimm on Netflix. I thought it would be scary and really mentally prepared myself for it, but it isn’t scary at all. It is a bit of action and a bit of comedy, it is really good in my opinion. I really like it, so far. I have only seen about seven episode of the first season yet, but it has potential. I also got a notification from some days ago saying it has ended, and I was quite relived to hear that. It has six season and didn’t really feel like watching all of that and then have more seasons coming. And I have seen enough TV-series to know that it doesn’t matter how good they are in the beginning, if they go on for long enough they will be getting bad.

I also got a notification saying that Black Sails has ended. That I was really happy to hear (and not just because SPOILER AHEAD they killed of Charles Vane, the hottest guy in the show), I really liked the show in the beginning but lately is has just gotten a bit boring. I just hope they have made a good ending for it.

So my (what feels like never ending) list of TV series i slowly thinning. It actually feels quite nice. I have had so many series to watch that I don’t know if I will be able to see them all. For me to see them all I need to watch TV for about 14 months or something like that. That’s a lot of time just in front of the TV.

I did played some WoW before I went to the gym today. I did manage to get the last quest chain I need for the Broken Isles Pathfinder, part one. So need to finish that one and then I need to get to revered with The Wardens. And then I can start with Broken Isles Pathfinder, part two. I have also almost reached 800 in alchemy. Finally! It has taken forever, but soon it is done.


I really haven’t had the best of luck recently. It started with me feeling nauseated as I wrote about last. I did work for two days, and then on Saturday night my stomach hurt really bad. I went to bed and in the morning I felt nothing I felt real fine, and I even went to the gym for a workout. I felt good the whole day, until after dinner at that time I started to feel nauseated again. Went to bed and when I woke up it still hadn’t passed, so I went to work to fetch my laptop and then I worked at home. I worked at home both Monday and Tuesday, still feeling nauseated. When Wednesday come I felt even more nauseated and called the local health center to check if they had any good ideas or if I need to got checked out. They said it’s probably a stomach virus and that I should rest, and if it got worst I should call back to get an appointment. Fortunately for me it didn’t get any worst. I was however home the rest of the week, and it wasn’t until Saturday the nauseated feeling disappeared. As that wasn’t enough on Thursday night the pipes in the apartment complex got clogged and the result was water coming up in my shower. So I had to call a company that could come and fix it right away. They came really fast and fixed it, but I still feel like there is something wrong with the pipes. I have had the same company over like 4 times in the last year and that says me that there is something wrong. Last time they were over they did flush all the pipes with water in the whole apartment complex, so I thought the problem was fixed based on that. But I wasn’t that lucky so now I need to deal with that.

While I was at home sick I watched ZackScottGames Zelda Breath of the wild series. The game seems really fun and it seems to be so much to do in it. If I had the money for it I would definitively buy a Nintendo Switch just to be able to play it. But I guess for now I will just watch ZackScottGames play it instead. He is fun to watch so I am okay with that.

Both Saturday and Sunday I have played a lot of WoW. Since they released the patch 7.2 I have had tons of stuff to do in game. I did all the LFR I haven’t done since the server reset, did all available world quests and farmed some Netherhards through the Sentinax portals. I got enough Nethershards to buy a nice new trinket, and will try and farm some more so I can gear up the slots I am lacking in. I also find it to be really fun to farm the Sentinax, just seeing all the people gathered with one common goal. It’s hard to explain, but I really enjoyed it so that’s also a reason why I want to continue to farm for Nethershards.


During my one week vacation I got a letter with the date of my surgery. 12:th of April, but the exact time I won’t know until the day before. It feels good to actually have a set date for it, one less thing I need to think about. Now I can just wait until it’s time.

 I also managed to get sick when I got home, probably something with my allergy to pepper, since I felt nauseated and I got the exact same feeling before when I had eaten pepper. It probably was in the food I got on the airplane, although I had told them I can’t eat pepper. I am just lucky it didn’t started when I was on the plane, that would have sucked. Therefore I was at home two days from work since I couldn’t move without feeling nauseated. I watched some TV-series, the ones I had neglected before I went. Since I finished watching Hemlock Grove during my vacation, I thought it would be good to catch up on the other TV-series. Which I now have done, or I have some left but I don’t really feel like watching them so I will ignore them a while more. I did got the urge to watch Star Trek again, so I have been watching some Deep Space Nine. Only about halfway through season 2 so I have a whole lot more of that to watch. But that’s only nice, I really like Star Trek. Nothing can compare to the original series though.

I have also been playing a lot of WoW, trying to prepare for 7.2 which is out 28:th Mars so not a whole lot of time left. I have almost done Broken Isles pathfinder part one so that’s nice. I only have some rep left with the Wardens and then one quest left in Suramar. Feels kinda nice. I really look forward to flying, everything gets so much easier when you can fly. I did get some nice loot today when playing some LFR so now I have got an ilevel of 860. Soon I might have the courage to  be playing mytics.


Yesterday I continued to watch Under the Dome. I have almost finished the second season now. I am aiming to finish it before the weekend, since I am going on a little vacation on Sunday and will be gone for a week. I want finish it before so I don’t have to wait a week until I can see how it ends. I might be able to watch Netflix where I am going but I am not sure and don’t want to take a gamble on it. Not sure if I will start watching a new series on Netflix after I am done with Under the Dome, or if I will take a little break and catch up all the series I have neglected while watching Netflix. Will probably be a compromise and I will finish watching Under the Dome and if I am done before Sunday I will watch the series I have neglected.

I played some WoW yesterday. Still working on getting to 800 in alchemy. It really feels like its a long way to go. Since you don’t get a level for every flask you make it takes such a long time, and the herbs it takes to make one flask is crazy. It feels like it will take me forever to get to 800. But I will probably try and use the Darkmoon Faire quest, were you get like 5 levels and the stuff you need to complete the quest isn’t anything that’s hard to get so that’s 5 easy levels.

I also did some world quests. Need to do try and get Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part one before it’s time for part two. I need to get reputation with the Legion factions so I can get to revered with them all. I have gotten some of them but not all. I also need to get 100 different world quests completed. I think I have done about 80 or there about, so need to do some more.


I haven’t been playing much lately, been to tired for it. Instead I have binge watched TV-series. I started watching Van Helsing on Netflix and now I have seen all the episodes that are currently out. It wasn’t as I thought it would be but it’s kind of good. Its intriguing and I really like to see how it progress. It happened stuff all the time that I didn’t see coming so it is keeping you on your toes. After I had seen all the episodes I started watching Under the Dome. I choose that one as a little break from all the vampire/demon crazy series I have been watching. Its a nice break to see something were there isn’t any crazy stuff chasing people. I have seen 7 episodes of season 1 and there is 3 seasons with 13 episodes each, so will take me a little while to watch them all.

Yesterday when I got home from work there had been a water leak in a pipe outside my apartment. So I didn’t have any water and I really prepared for the worst since they discovered the leak around 11 and hadn’t fixed it to around 17. I was lucky that I had made two portions of dinner the day before so I didn’t have to think about that. But what to drink to my dinner? I usually just drink water, but this time I was in luck. I had bought a bottle of Coca Cola the day before which was in my fridge so I did have something do drink. So problem solved, and I as in luck once more when I discovered that the water got turned back on around 18. So for me I only had about an hour without water, not that bad. But things like this really reminds you how much you use water, and how dependent you are of it.


I just hate this time of year. The winter. We had some days were it almost felt like spring, and then it started to snow and it came around 3 centimeter of snow. I am okay with that but then it change to some degrees plus and the snow started to melt, and then it went back to minus and everything froze. So now we have a layer of ice on everything. The sidewalk is covered and its not just a nice layer of ice. No its a big layer of ice that isn’t smooth at all. So you have to walk really careful and the uneven surface isn’t at all good for my foot. It almost feel like I am standing still when I am walking, since I am walking so slow. I wish I could just stay at home instead of going to work. But that’s not an option so need to go outside.

I played some WoW yesterday and I did put some gems in my gear and enchanted my neck. I did get a slight decrease in my cast time, so that’s nice. Not that much, but the neck enchant do have some chance to increase haste every so often so that’s nice. I also did buy some herbs with Blood of Sargeras, so now I am about 20 from max alchemy level. Unfortunately it will take lots of material to get to 800, so will be a while until I am there.

I haven’t played much lately, instead I have been watching the TV series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments on Netflix. It’s an okay series, but I think it were better as a movie.


I have felt rather down lately. I am not sure why, might be because I am so tired and my foot has hurt so much. When I am down I just start thinking about everything. Like do I really want to work where I work, do I want to work with what I do, do I like were I live, do I feel happy, what am I doing with my life, is this how life is supposed to be, and so on. Sometimes I wish I was just a kid again, living at home with my parents. With not a care in the world, everything were so much easier back then. Watching cartoons and playing with friends. I actually got the urge to watch Winnie the Pooh, which I watched when I was little. I have a lot of happy memories from when I was little and watched Winnie the Pooh. I haven’t gotten the show I watched so can’t really watch it now, little bit disappointing but I guess I have to be an adult and just live with it.

Yesterday since I was tired I didn’t play anything. I did however continued to watch MathasGames Oxygen not Included lets play. The game really seems nice, can’t wait until it is released. I do need to play some of my games on Steam, I have so many of them and I haven’t played even half of them. I really need to start playing them, instead of just stockpiling them. I have so many that I don’t even now were to start, probably should finish the ones I have actually started. But most of them is games that takes a long ass time to finish, and that takes time away from me playing WoW. So guess I need to choose what to play. Will probably focus on WoW for now, while I still think its fun.