I have never liked coffee and when I was growing up I was told that I should start drink it so that I would get use to the taste and then I would start to like it. I never understood that logic. Why should I learn to like it? It’s not really good for you and if I don’t like it why should I force myself to like it? I have however always liked tea. Growing up I drank tea when eating breakfast and I still do. I like that there are so many different kinds of teas. You have green, black, chai, rooibos and so on, and not only that you have lots of different flavors. There is almost endless variations. I have about eight or nine different variations of tea at home, and I choose the one I drink based on what I feel like at the moment. Usually I drink green tea with a cherry flavor in the morning or just regular Earl Grey. In the evening it varies a lot, but I usually doesn’t drink the one I drink in the morning. I have one flavor in particular that I really can’t be without, and that is a black tea with the flavor of strawberry, raspberry and cream. It smells like summer and tastes really good. I love to drink it in the winter when you are longing for the summer to come along.

Summer vacation

It is finally time for my summer vacation. In my case it means three whole weeks off from work. Something I really look forward to. I am so sick of my job so this will be a welcomed break. But being sick of my job I do not know what I would work with if I didn’t worked with computers. I have no clue what I want to do or were I see myself in five years. Or I can see myself not working living the good life but that requires lots of money, something I do not have. So I will continue with my job for now, and enjoying my vacations when they come. I don’t really have any big plans for my vacation, just some boring stuff like cleaning out my garage and things like that. I will go on a short boat trip that I really look forward to. The boat is going in a canal and it will be really cool to go through the sluices. I just hope the weather will be good. It has been rather unsteady lately.

I was thinking that I would finish The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky during the summer, but I haven’t been playing that lately at all. I started plying Crashlands and I kind of really enjoy it so now I have played around 10 hours of it. I have kind of been looking for a game like it. One were you can build stuff, explore and have a bit of a story to follow. I am not sure how much more to the story it is at the point I am in, but hopefully there is a bit more. I also should play something on my NES mini Classic that I bought a while back. I feel kind of bad for not even having turned it on. I really have no excuse for why I haven’t used it, in the beginning I was waiting for some cable extenders for the controllers, but I got those pretty quick and still haven’t even turned it on. So I guess that is something I have to do. At least I need to start it before I get the SNES mini Classic that I booked.


There is no secret that I like to cross stitch, and I have tons of patterns. My computer is full of them and some of them I have even printed out. I think I have filled about three binders with patterns. Mostly the designs is from games and children TV shows that I watched when I was little. I have made about five patterns myself, the rest I have gotten from the Internet. Most of them comes from the Sprite Stitch forum (http://www.spritestitch.com/forum/). Which is just so good, there is such a huge community around making patterns inspired from games, movies, TV-series and such. I wish I were better at making patterns, and that I had the time to make more of them. It is really funny to make and its even more fun to actually stitch one that you made yourself. I am making a WoW inspired pattern with a quote from the movie and then the Horde and the Alliance logo. I haven’t gotten the logos at the right size and am struggling with it a bit, but haven’t made any work on the pattern for a long time so I should probably make an effort soon to get it done.

When I am watching TV-series and movies I like to cross stitch or make jewelry. I have also find out that its fun to put together 3D puzzles. I have Googled to see if there is anything else fun you can do and I found some DIY projects that looked fun and easy to do. I am really interested in doing floating teacups, but I need to buy everything to be able to do it. Only thing I don’t need to buy is a glue gun, because I bought one a couple of weeks back when I first started looking into DIY projects. It would be fun to be able to make floating teacups and other cool DIY things and sell. But I don’t know if people are even interested in buying stuff like that. So I am not sure if buying all the stuff is worth it. But I do want to make them since they look cool, so I will probably buy all the stuff I need for them.

Time flies

I haven’t been playing any WoW lately, I just haven’t been feeling it. Instead I have played a lot of Craft the world, which is a sandbox strategy game. You are in control of a tribe of dwarfs that you give commands. You start of with one dwarf and starts digging and chopping down trees, and as your level increase you gain dwarfs and unlocks more and more recipes for crafting. While you are digging and crafting you encounter different monsters and once in a while there are monster waves coming that you have to defend against. The game is kind of easy and straight forward but I have spent countless hours in it. I am thinking I am just going to do this and fix that, and all of a sudden I have spent six hours playing. The time just flies and I get really into the game although all you do is exactly the same thing over and over.

I have also started playing a game I bought a while back on Steam, called The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Its an RPG and I have played around 7 hours of it. I like it but in the beginning there was a long intro letting you know how things work and they talked a lot. You didn’t really get to play much and I got kind of impatience for it all to start.

Steam has also begun their summer sale so I bought some games on that. Which I am really trying not to do since I got so many games already, but the games looked nice and I had them on my wishlist and they didn’t cost much so I couldn’t resist. And since I got a bit bored of WoW, I can play some other games. I am aiming to get The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky done during the summer, and hopefully I can get some more games finished during my summer vacation.


Thursday was a public holiday here and my company also gave us Friday off so I had a four day weekend, and as that wasn’t enough the weather was really nice. The sun shine and the temperature was high, so I spent a couple of hours each day reading while enjoying the sun on my balcony. I have been reading World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2, and I really like it. The first book I read last year and I couldn’t wait until this one was released, and I bought this one as soon as it was released. The books really ties everything together in a nice way, and its hard to put it down. I have gotten into reading books from the World of Warcraft world lately. I have read World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal, World of Warcraft: Arthas and I have almost finished reading World of Warcraft: Illidan. I have enjoyed reading all of them and they have been hard to put down once I have started reading. I have one more book that I will start after I have finished World of Warcraft: Illidan. It is The World of Warcraft: The Shattering and then I guess I have to check if there is any more books that seems nice.

I did also play some World of Warcraft during my days off. I have gotten exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent, and I have managed to get all of the Pandarian cooking to 600. I would want to get to exalted with all the other factions in Pandaria but that will take a while. I also got exalted with Ashtongue Deathsworn and now I would like to get to exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords, but that will take some runs in MC and that is really boring. I also got quite bored with doing world quests in Legion and I have been spending a lot of time in Pandaria so for a change I went to Draenor. I really don’t  like Draenor, the whole thing with the garrison is just annoying and all I want is flying but that isn’t something you just get. So now I need to spend a lot of time farming stuff in Draenor just to get flying there so I can do the stuff I want to do there. Well I don’t really need to but I kind of want to. Since I am a sucker for achievements I will push trough and do the stuff I need to get flying. I do have both the Loremaster and the Insane achievements. And I did Loremaster before the achievement were divided into regions. However I didn’t finish the Insane achievement before the shattering patch so I haven’t gotten exalted with the Shen’dralar. But I do have almost all the stuff needed for it, I thought I had more time before the shattering patch released but Blizzard released it earlier so I missed to hand everything in. The stuff needed for it will forever remain in my guild bank, I refuse to just delete it. I spent so much time farming and then it was all in wain. I was really upset when that happened and I am still a bit salty about it…


I really like this time of the year, when the sun is starting to show itself and it actually give warmth. There is something in the air that just feels nice. When the sun is shining and the birds are singing and everything is waking up from the winter slumber. You just can’t stop the feeling of happiness. It feels really nice, and although I really like the summer and the warmth there is something special about spring. When the grass is getting greener, the birds are coming back and the flowers start to bloom. It really is beautiful. Although we had a little bit of a set back of spring a while back, the temperature sank and we got some snow. That wasn’t funny, but now when the temperature raised again I appreciate it even more.

I have now recovered from the surgery, and have been to a physical therapist that showed me some training exercises that I need to do every day and every other day. I have been doing them for a while now and haven’t notice any difference, my foot still hurts and even more so after the exercises. So I am not hopeful it will help, but I will continue with the exercises until my next meeting with the physical therapist and see if she notices any changes. It is just so frustrating I was expecting it to be fixed now, so that I could take walks in the nice weather. Well at least I can walk, just not fast. It is either walking really slow and taking for ever to getting any were or walking in my normal speed and ending up with my foot hurting.

I have finished watching Grimm, it was a good series, although the ending was a bit weird. But over all I really enjoyed it. I haven’t really started watching a new series yet, I have been trying to catch up the ones I have neglected while binge watching Grimm. I am now all up to speed on Suits. I don’t really know what to think about it anymore, it is good but at the same time I just wish it could end. I saw that some series I am watching or thinking about watching has ended and I can’t help but feel relived about it. The series I am watching and the ones I like to watch are kind of piling up, so that some of them are ending is just great. I just hope I am having the same feeling when watching the last episode of them.


So I have had my surgery now, and it didn’t quite went as I hoped. The doctor told me that they didn’t find anything wrong and there fore they hadn’t done anything. I think that is about as bad as it could be, so now I my foot hurts even worst since they did the surgery but I am not free from the pain I had before. Not really what I wanted, I expected to have some more pain because of the surgery and not being able to walk for a month but not this. When the doctor told me it felt like a slap in the face, I couldn’t really process it. And now a week later I still feel down about it. I got sick leave for two weeks since the post surgery pain, and a lot of painkillers. Thursday is the day I will be back at work again. Not really feeling it. I have gotten tired at my job and just want to do something else. What I have no idea. Would be nice to be my own boss but I don’t know what I should be doing. I like to make my own jewelry and cross stitching, and I am trying to gather material for making some Pokemon inspired terrarium. So it would be nice if I could support myself by doing stuff like that and then sell it but I don’t know if there is a market for it.

The first week after the surgery I spent on my parents couch watching Grimm and Star Trek Deep Space 9. I also finished watching ZackScottGames Zelda Breath of The Wild series on Youtube. When I got home I played a lot of WoW, and watched some more Grimm. I also finished Black Sails. Not sure if I like the ending or not, but I guess it was okay. I have done so much in WoW that its crazy. I am finally revered with the Armies of Legionfall which means I can fly in the Broken Isles. That wasn’t a minute to late. Its so nice to finally being able to fly. There is some places that will be so much more easier to access now. It just feels so nice.