Do as I say not as I do

I mentioned a while back that I ordered some diamond paintings, and that I shouldn’t start with it until I finished with the car I am cross stitching for my dad. Well I couldn’t contain myself and started with them. So now I have finished two and I have ordered more. There is some sort of satisfaction with filling in the diamonds and it feels like it goes so much faster than cross stitching. So well I guess I am hooked. Although I have such a bad conscience since I have not yet finished the car. I have instead started to stitch a birth announcement for my nephew, but it is bigger stitches on it and not a lot of colors so it goes kind of fast. I need to finish it up fast so that I can continue on the car and then start with some more diamond paintings. I would also like to continue on my Darkwing Duck cross stitch project. It is a bit tedious but I like that you can see what it should look like when it is done. And for now I have only stitched on the shadow of him so one color only with tiny stitches so it goes forward but not very fast. I also have my WoW project I want to stitch and that will probably take some time to finish. So I should really finish some of my projects instead of starting new ones. Since I also are making jewelry and are gathering resources to start making floating tea cups. Really wish my job could be making these things but don’t really think there is a big market for it. But if it were I would have so much time to make everything.

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