In November there is time for Blizzcon, and I am tempted to buy a virtual ticket. Not that I have played much of Blizzards games lately, although I really want to check out the latest patch for WoW. Just haven’t had the time for it yet, but need to check and see what new stuff they have come up with. Should be cool to see Argus, but I don’t know yet if it is a new zone or just some weird dungeon/raid. Will have to read up on it and check it out.

I did buy a virtual ticket for Blizzcon a couple of years back, but didn’t look at it much. Since there were no possibility to watch stuff afterwards and they start in the middle of the night my time so there were kind of hard for me to watch anything. Now they have the ability to watch things for about a month after the event. Which seems really nice and will probably do so that I can watch more things. When you buy the ticket you will get a mount for WoW, and some other things for Blizzards other games but its only WoW I am interested in. So that seems interesting since its a two person flying mount. The ticket is quite pricey though with the cost of 29,99€ so I am not sure if its worth it yet.

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