In a world of pain

On Thursday I had an appointment at the orthopedist to see if they had anything new to say to me about my foot. I explained how it is feeling and how that the physical therapy hasn’t made any different. The orthopedist said that we can try with a shot of cortisone in the ankle joint to see if that help. So he put on some anesthesia on the ankle and then gave me the shot of cortisone. He said that it could take up to two weeks until the cortisone would take effect, what he did not mention was how much pain I would be in once the anesthesia wore off. Luckily I decided to work from home the rest of the day, and that was really good. About an hour after I came home the anesthesia wore off and my foot hurt so much it was crazy. I took a painkiller, but it didn’t help much. I woke up several times during the night because it hurt so much. On Wednesday when my alarm woke me up in the morning I could hardly stand on the foot and it hurt even more. So I decided to work from home and with two strong painkillers it pain subsided. It wasn’t all gone but it was much better. I could now walk without the pain being unbearable. Towards the evening it felt better and today I decided to go to work. It still hurts but not as much and now it is enough with one painkiller to numb the pain. So now I just hope that the shot will help and the pain I usually have in the foot will go away.

Do as I say not as I do

I mentioned a while back that I ordered some diamond paintings, and that I shouldn’t start with it until I finished with the car I am cross stitching for my dad. Well I couldn’t contain myself and started with them. So now I have finished two and I have ordered more. There is some sort of satisfaction with filling in the diamonds and it feels like it goes so much faster than cross stitching. So well I guess I am hooked. Although I have such a bad conscience since I have not yet finished the car. I have instead started to stitch a birth announcement for my nephew, but it is bigger stitches on it and not a lot of colors so it goes kind of fast. I need to finish it up fast so that I can continue on the car and then start with some more diamond paintings. I would also like to continue on my Darkwing Duck cross stitch project. It is a bit tedious but I like that you can see what it should look like when it is done. And for now I have only stitched on the shadow of him so one color only with tiny stitches so it goes forward but not very fast. I also have my WoW project I want to stitch and that will probably take some time to finish. So I should really finish some of my projects instead of starting new ones. Since I also are making jewelry and are gathering resources to start making floating tea cups. Really wish my job could be making these things but don’t really think there is a big market for it. But if it were I would have so much time to make everything.


In November there is time for Blizzcon, and I am tempted to buy a virtual ticket. Not that I have played much of Blizzards games lately, although I really want to check out the latest patch for WoW. Just haven’t had the time for it yet, but need to check and see what new stuff they have come up with. Should be cool to see Argus, but I don’t know yet if it is a new zone or just some weird dungeon/raid. Will have to read up on it and check it out.

I did buy a virtual ticket for Blizzcon a couple of years back, but didn’t look at it much. Since there were no possibility to watch stuff afterwards and they start in the middle of the night my time so there were kind of hard for me to watch anything. Now they have the ability to watch things for about a month after the event. Which seems really nice and will probably do so that I can watch more things. When you buy the ticket you will get a mount for WoW, and some other things for Blizzards other games but its only WoW I am interested in. So that seems interesting since its a two person flying mount. The ticket is quite pricey though with the cost of 29,99€ so I am not sure if its worth it yet.


I absolutely hate cooking, and I am really bad at it. Probably because I don’t have the patience to wait for even a pot of boiling water and I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to taste and what goes well with what. It wasn’t that long ago I realized that I could taste the sauce I was making instead of just adding spices and hoping for the best. I can follow a recipe without any trouble, it just that I don’t really know what to do if it tastes bad or if I screw up something. Usually I Google it or call my mother and ask for advise, but often I just think that this is how it supposed to taste and I either like it or not. If there were an option to just take a pill instead I would gladly do so, but I would like to have the option to eat the occasional pizza, burger or other dishes that I like. But it would be so much easier to not have to cook, not have to buy ingredients and think about how long stuff lasts. If someone could make a replicator from Star Trek that would also work, as long as I don’t have to make the food I am happy.