Four seasons in one day

Although I love the summer and the warmth I kind of like seeing the seasons change. How the leaves starts to turn into the color of the rainbow in the fall, how the air feels cleaner and the darkness starts creeping up. How the snow falls during the winter and that you can just sit inside drinking hot coco with lit candles and watching TV all day. How the spring comes around and everything starts to wake up and start growing, the sun feels warm against your skin and every step feels a little lighter. How you during the summer can walk outside in the warm nights and go for a swim in the lake. Although the routine repeats itself year after year it has it charm. You still get fascinated over how everything turns green during spring, how cold it can be during the winter and how beautiful the fall is with all its colors. I often dream about moving somewhere warmer but I think I would miss the clear change of the seasons. I don’t think I want a Christmas without the cold and the snow.

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