Some week ago I was to a doctor that checked my foot with ultrasound to see if there were any damage that he could see that is the cause to my pain. Unfortunately he couldn’t find anything that would be the cause of the pain, he apparently saw somethings that wasn’t as it should be, but nothing that would explain the pain. So now its back to the physiotherapist to hear what she has to say after hearing about the result from the ultrasound. I don’t think that she can do anything more and that I am off to someone that can check the nerves to see if there is any nerve damage. Besides that I think they have checked everything they can. So I really hope that they can find anything when checking the nerves, but as usual it will probably take some time before I get an appointment for it. So I guess it will be more waiting around, doing nothing.

Well I am not really doing nothing, but I am doing nothing as far as my foot is concerned. I actually have a doctor appointment later this month, but that is to check if I have any food allergies. Which I probably have since I can’t eat bell peppers and I have found out that I probably can’t eat carrots. But apparently it doesn’t have to be a food allergy, it can just be that my stomach can’t handle that food for some weird reason. Which means it doesn’t show up in the test that I am allergic but I can’t eat it because my stomach acts up if I eat it. So that would suck if that is the case, since only way for me to see if I can’t eat anything else is just by eating it and see if I get sick or not.

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