Diamond painting

I was checking out patterns over at spritestitch.com/forum and stumbled across a post about someone doing diamond painting, and I got curious about what is was and it looked fun so I ended up ordering a couple of kits with it. Not that I have any time to actually do it, since I also ordered some cross stitching kits that I wanted to do. And I do have to finish the things I am already working on. I guess I will need to put up some rules for myself so that I can finish some of the things I am working on. Something like that I need to finish the Bel Air 56 that I am working on for my dad before I start on anything new. Although that car has some really boring parts to cross stitch, but I do only have about three pages left until it is done. That probably sounds more than it actually is, and right now I am on an area that have much of the same colors so that will make it go faster. I really just want to be finished with it so that I can stitch all the other cool stuff that I have found. I have also finished making a pattern with a quote from the Warcraft movie. I have the World of Warcraft logo but instead of the WoW text I have an horde and alliance logo on each side and the text “from light comes darkness and from darkness comes light” in the middle. I wanted the text to be in some kind of WoW font but I can’t seem to get it to work, so I just settled with an other font that looked good. I don’t really know how big it actually will end up when stitched, really need to look into that before I start working on it.

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