Epic Battle Fantasy

I have been playing a lot of different games lately, just a couple of hours here and there. Not really feeling like playing any of it. But since I saw that Epic Battle Fantasy 3 was on Steam for free I couldn’t help but to test it out. I have played Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and have almost finished it. I have gotten stuck on a hard enemy and need to grind some to level up so that I can beat it. Which means I have put it on hold, but the games are really funny and since 3 is before 4 I didn’t see any harm in playing it. For you that don’t know what Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4 is so are they part of a series named Epic Battle Fantasy. The games are flash games made by Kupo Games. The genre is turn-based rpg, though the first ones doesn’t have much story to them the later ones do. The games are funny and the stories are quite good. I have put in about 13 hours in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 29 hours in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. But I am trying to do everything there is to do so I am not speeding through them, you can probably beat them way faster.

Four seasons in one day

Although I love the summer and the warmth I kind of like seeing the seasons change. How the leaves starts to turn into the color of the rainbow in the fall, how the air feels cleaner and the darkness starts creeping up. How the snow falls during the winter and that you can just sit inside drinking hot coco with lit candles and watching TV all day. How the spring comes around and everything starts to wake up and start growing, the sun feels warm against your skin and every step feels a little lighter. How you during the summer can walk outside in the warm nights and go for a swim in the lake. Although the routine repeats itself year after year it has it charm. You still get fascinated over how everything turns green during spring, how cold it can be during the winter and how beautiful the fall is with all its colors. I often dream about moving somewhere warmer but I think I would miss the clear change of the seasons. I don’t think I want a Christmas without the cold and the snow.


Some week ago I was to a doctor that checked my foot with ultrasound to see if there were any damage that he could see that is the cause to my pain. Unfortunately he couldn’t find anything that would be the cause of the pain, he apparently saw somethings that wasn’t as it should be, but nothing that would explain the pain. So now its back to the physiotherapist to hear what she has to say after hearing about the result from the ultrasound. I don’t think that she can do anything more and that I am off to someone that can check the nerves to see if there is any nerve damage. Besides that I think they have checked everything they can. So I really hope that they can find anything when checking the nerves, but as usual it will probably take some time before I get an appointment for it. So I guess it will be more waiting around, doing nothing.

Well I am not really doing nothing, but I am doing nothing as far as my foot is concerned. I actually have a doctor appointment later this month, but that is to check if I have any food allergies. Which I probably have since I can’t eat bell peppers and I have found out that I probably can’t eat carrots. But apparently it doesn’t have to be a food allergy, it can just be that my stomach can’t handle that food for some weird reason. Which means it doesn’t show up in the test that I am allergic but I can’t eat it because my stomach acts up if I eat it. So that would suck if that is the case, since only way for me to see if I can’t eat anything else is just by eating it and see if I get sick or not.

Diamond painting

I was checking out patterns over at spritestitch.com/forum and stumbled across a post about someone doing diamond painting, and I got curious about what is was and it looked fun so I ended up ordering a couple of kits with it. Not that I have any time to actually do it, since I also ordered some cross stitching kits that I wanted to do. And I do have to finish the things I am already working on. I guess I will need to put up some rules for myself so that I can finish some of the things I am working on. Something like that I need to finish the Bel Air 56 that I am working on for my dad before I start on anything new. Although that car has some really boring parts to cross stitch, but I do only have about three pages left until it is done. That probably sounds more than it actually is, and right now I am on an area that have much of the same colors so that will make it go faster. I really just want to be finished with it so that I can stitch all the other cool stuff that I have found. I have also finished making a pattern with a quote from the Warcraft movie. I have the World of Warcraft logo but instead of the WoW text I have an horde and alliance logo on each side and the text “from light comes darkness and from darkness comes light” in the middle. I wanted the text to be in some kind of WoW font but I can’t seem to get it to work, so I just settled with an other font that looked good. I don’t really know how big it actually will end up when stitched, really need to look into that before I start working on it.