I have never liked coffee and when I was growing up I was told that I should start drink it so that I would get use to the taste and then I would start to like it. I never understood that logic. Why should I learn to like it? It’s not really good for you and if I don’t like it why should I force myself to like it? I have however always liked tea. Growing up I drank tea when eating breakfast and I still do. I like that there are so many different kinds of teas. You have green, black, chai, rooibos and so on, and not only that you have lots of different flavors. There is almost endless variations. I have about eight or nine different variations of tea at home, and I choose the one I drink based on what I feel like at the moment. Usually I drink green tea with a cherry flavor in the morning or just regular Earl Grey. In the evening it varies a lot, but I usually doesn’t drink the one I drink in the morning. I have one flavor in particular that I really can’t be without, and that is a black tea with the flavor of strawberry, raspberry and cream. It smells like summer and tastes really good. I love to drink it in the winter when you are longing for the summer to come along.