Summer vacation

It is finally time for my summer vacation. In my case it means three whole weeks off from work. Something I really look forward to. I am so sick of my job so this will be a welcomed break. But being sick of my job I do not know what I would work with if I didn’t worked with computers. I have no clue what I want to do or were I see myself in five years. Or I can see myself not working living the good life but that requires lots of money, something I do not have. So I will continue with my job for now, and enjoying my vacations when they come. I don’t really have any big plans for my vacation, just some boring stuff like cleaning out my garage and things like that. I will go on a short boat trip that I really look forward to. The boat is going in a canal and it will be really cool to go through the sluices. I just hope the weather will be good. It has been rather unsteady lately.

I was thinking that I would finish The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky during the summer, but I haven’t been playing that lately at all. I started plying Crashlands and I kind of really enjoy it so now I have played around 10 hours of it. I have kind of been looking for a game like it. One were you can build stuff, explore and have a bit of a story to follow. I am not sure how much more to the story it is at the point I am in, but hopefully there is a bit more. I also should play something on my NES mini Classic that I bought a while back. I feel kind of bad for not even having turned it on. I really have no excuse for why I haven’t used it, in the beginning I was waiting for some cable extenders for the controllers, but I got those pretty quick and still haven’t even turned it on. So I guess that is something I have to do. At least I need to start it before I get the SNES mini Classic that I booked.

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