Thursday was a public holiday here and my company also gave us Friday off so I had a four day weekend, and as that wasn’t enough the weather was really nice. The sun shine and the temperature was high, so I spent a couple of hours each day reading while enjoying the sun on my balcony. I have been reading World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2, and I really like it. The first book I read last year and I couldn’t wait until this one was released, and I bought this one as soon as it was released. The books really ties everything together in a nice way, and its hard to put it down. I have gotten into reading books from the World of Warcraft world lately. I have read World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal, World of Warcraft: Arthas and I have almost finished reading World of Warcraft: Illidan. I have enjoyed reading all of them and they have been hard to put down once I have started reading. I have one more book that I will start after I have finished World of Warcraft: Illidan. It is The World of Warcraft: The Shattering and then I guess I have to check if there is any more books that seems nice.

I did also play some World of Warcraft during my days off. I have gotten exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent, and I have managed to get all of the Pandarian cooking to 600. I would want to get to exalted with all the other factions in Pandaria but that will take a while. I also got exalted with Ashtongue Deathsworn and now I would like to get to exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords, but that will take some runs in MC and that is really boring. I also got quite bored with doing world quests in Legion and I have been spending a lot of time in Pandaria so for a change I went to Draenor. I really don’t  like Draenor, the whole thing with the garrison is just annoying and all I want is flying but that isn’t something you just get. So now I need to spend a lot of time farming stuff in Draenor just to get flying there so I can do the stuff I want to do there. Well I don’t really need to but I kind of want to. Since I am a sucker for achievements I will push trough and do the stuff I need to get flying. I do have both the Loremaster and the Insane achievements. And I did Loremaster before the achievement were divided into regions. However I didn’t finish the Insane achievement before the shattering patch so I haven’t gotten exalted with the Shen’dralar. But I do have almost all the stuff needed for it, I thought I had more time before the shattering patch released but Blizzard released it earlier so I missed to hand everything in. The stuff needed for it will forever remain in my guild bank, I refuse to just delete it. I spent so much time farming and then it was all in wain. I was really upset when that happened and I am still a bit salty about it…

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