So I have had my surgery now, and it didn’t quite went as I hoped. The doctor told me that they didn’t find anything wrong and there fore they hadn’t done anything. I think that is about as bad as it could be, so now I my foot hurts even worst since they did the surgery but I am not free from the pain I had before. Not really what I wanted, I expected to have some more pain because of the surgery and not being able to walk for a month but not this. When the doctor told me it felt like a slap in the face, I couldn’t really process it. And now a week later I still feel down about it. I got sick leave for two weeks since the post surgery pain, and a lot of painkillers. Thursday is the day I will be back at work again. Not really feeling it. I have gotten tired at my job and just want to do something else. What I have no idea. Would be nice to be my own boss but I don’t know what I should be doing. I like to make my own jewelry and cross stitching, and I am trying to gather material for making some Pokemon inspired terrarium. So it would be nice if I could support myself by doing stuff like that and then sell it but I don’t know if there is a market for it.

The first week after the surgery I spent on my parents couch watching Grimm and Star Trek Deep Space 9. I also finished watching ZackScottGames Zelda Breath of The Wild series on Youtube. When I got home I played a lot of WoW, and watched some more Grimm. I also finished Black Sails. Not sure if I like the ending or not, but I guess it was okay. I have done so much in WoW that its crazy. I am finally revered with the Armies of Legionfall which means I can fly in the Broken Isles. That wasn’t a minute to late. Its so nice to finally being able to fly. There is some places that will be so much more easier to access now. It just feels so nice.

One thought on “Surgery

  1. Beautiful read, wishing the best. I’ve had three spinal surgeries, so please feel free to ask any questions. If you’re interested in chronic pain, or an inspirational blog check out my blog :
Authentically mad
Thanks for sharing your journey ! Xox


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