I haven’t been playing much lately, been to tired for it. Instead I have binge watched TV-series. I started watching Van Helsing on Netflix and now I have seen all the episodes that are currently out. It wasn’t as I thought it would be but it’s kind of good. Its intriguing and I really like to see how it progress. It happened stuff all the time that I didn’t see coming so it is keeping you on your toes. After I had seen all the episodes I started watching Under the Dome. I choose that one as a little break from all the vampire/demon crazy series I have been watching. Its a nice break to see something were there isn’t any crazy stuff chasing people. I have seen 7 episodes of season 1 and there is 3 seasons with 13 episodes each, so will take me a little while to watch them all.

Yesterday when I got home from work there had been a water leak in a pipe outside my apartment. So I didn’t have any water and I really prepared for the worst since they discovered the leak around 11 and hadn’t fixed it to around 17. I was lucky that I had made two portions of dinner the day before so I didn’t have to think about that. But what to drink to my dinner? I usually just drink water, but this time I was in luck. I had bought a bottle of Coca Cola the day before which was in my fridge so I did have something do drink. So problem solved, and I as in luck once more when I discovered that the water got turned back on around 18. So for me I only had about an hour without water, not that bad. But things like this really reminds you how much you use water, and how dependent you are of it.

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