I just hate this time of year. The winter. We had some days were it almost felt like spring, and then it started to snow and it came around 3 centimeter of snow. I am okay with that but then it change to some degrees plus and the snow started to melt, and then it went back to minus and everything froze. So now we have a layer of ice on everything. The sidewalk is covered and its not just a nice layer of ice. No its a big layer of ice that isn’t smooth at all. So you have to walk really careful and the uneven surface isn’t at all good for my foot. It almost feel like I am standing still when I am walking, since I am walking so slow. I wish I could just stay at home instead of going to work. But that’s not an option so need to go outside.

I played some WoW yesterday and I did put some gems in my gear and enchanted my neck. I did get a slight decrease in my cast time, so that’s nice. Not that much, but the neck enchant do have some chance to increase haste every so often so that’s nice. I also did buy some herbs with Blood of Sargeras, so now I am about 20 from max alchemy level. Unfortunately it will take lots of material to get to 800, so will be a while until I am there.

I haven’t played much lately, instead I have been watching the TV series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments on Netflix. It’s an okay series, but I think it were better as a movie.

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