I have felt rather down lately. I am not sure why, might be because I am so tired and my foot has hurt so much. When I am down I just start thinking about everything. Like do I really want to work where I work, do I want to work with what I do, do I like were I live, do I feel happy, what am I doing with my life, is this how life is supposed to be, and so on. Sometimes I wish I was just a kid again, living at home with my parents. With not a care in the world, everything were so much easier back then. Watching cartoons and playing with friends. I actually got the urge to watch Winnie the Pooh, which I watched when I was little. I have a lot of happy memories from when I was little and watched Winnie the Pooh. I haven’t gotten the show I watched so can’t really watch it now, little bit disappointing but I guess I have to be an adult and just live with it.

Yesterday since I was tired I didn’t play anything. I did however continued to watch MathasGames Oxygen not Included lets play. The game really seems nice, can’t wait until it is released. I do need to play some of my games on Steam, I have so many of them and I haven’t played even half of them. I really need to start playing them, instead of just stockpiling them. I have so many that I don’t even now were to start, probably should finish the ones I have actually started. But most of them is games that takes a long ass time to finish, and that takes time away from me playing WoW. So guess I need to choose what to play. Will probably focus on WoW for now, while I still think its fun.

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