Yesterday I fell asleep early was really nice. Although it would had been nice to play some WoW. I have now put a gem in my legendary ring and I also discovered that there was an enchant for it. So now I have the gem Saber’s Eye of Intellect and the enchant Binding of Haste on it. Really nice with some haste, but still have a long way to go for it to have some effect. Was thinking about putting in Quick Dawnlight on the stuff I have sockets on. Need to check what the price is on them first though. If it’s too expensive I won’t do it. Just not worth it, but I do need the haste. I also need to check how much the neck and back enchant is, if they aren’t to pricey I will end up buying.

I also discovered that I can buy herbs with Blood of Sargeras. That is real nice, and I will probably buy some Starlight Rose since those cost a lot on AH. Only downside is you only get 3 Starlight Rose for 1 Blood of Sargeras. That is probably one of the reasons why they are so expensive on AH. Need to check how many I need to get to 800 in alchemy. Don’t have too much left so shouldn’t need that many. And I do have about 100 Blood Of Sargeras in my bank. They are quite easy to come by as well so that is a plus.

Before I fell asleep yesterday I watched Northenlion and MathasGames Oxygen not Included lets plays. The game looks really nice, and I really like Kleis art style. I have played some Don’t Starve and I do own Shank and Shank 2 although I haven’t played them yet. I really need to do that. I might buy Oxygen not Included when it releases, as of now it’s just in alpha, but it looks really good for an alpha. Can’t wait to see more of the game.

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