I am really out of energy today. I think it’s because I binged watched Stranger things so didn’t go to bed until 1 on Saturday and then I woke up early on Sunday for some reason. Was tired when I woke up but to many thoughts in my head so couldn’t sleep. And today is a work day so up early and go to work. So guess I will be tired the whole week, as usual.

Yesterday I went to the gym, it went well. I did walk really slow when I was going home because my foot hurt, and it still does. Would be nice to know when they are going to perform the surgery. At the earliest I can know around Mars 1:st, it’s not that far away, but then I have to wait for the actual day. Would be really nice to just be done with it.

I also played some WoW. Finished the archeology quest and got a sweet looking mount. Took some time though since I did the surveying while queuing in the LFR, and as soon I got a group I left and played the raid instead. I did get my first legendary. It was soooo awesome. Really nice ring with a lot of haste, and I have really been lacking haste so it was really welcome. That made me so happy, might be able to do some mythic soon. It had one socket so now I will definitely buy a gem for it. I think it’s been too expensive to buy a gem for gear that you swap out fast, but this one I will keep for a long time so gem time. I don’t even remember what gem to buy so need to check that one up.

I did sell some potion of prolonged power on AH, made some sweet money. It’s kind of easy gold because I only use a crystal vial and a blood of Sargeras. I had like almost 200 blood of Sargeras and you get 10 bottles for each blood. I made about 200 potions and have sold almost all of them. So found a way to make gold. Need to check if I should be using the blood of Sargeras for something else or if I can continue to make potions and sell.

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