Getting there

Today I took a walk to catch some Pokemon. Walked way too fast and my foot has ached ever since. Wish I could learn to not push it to much, so that I won’t have the pain, but I guess that won’t happen. I also sorted through one of my cabinets and just put it in differently so that it got more organized. Really nice to have that done. Now I don’t think I have any more stuff I feel like I need to fix. So that’s nice. More time for gaming for me!

I played some WoW today as well. I finished the alchemy quest line, did only get some receipes and not anything cool at all. So that’s a bit disappointing, because the quest chain was a pain in the *beep*. But I am happy that it’s over. Now I just need to get the last few levels to 800 and be done with alchemy. But don’t have the gold for the materials so can’t really finish that yet. Need to check if I can get on of my alts to 110 so I can do some herbalism gathering with it. I also felt like changing my Warlock from tailoring to herbalism, but I don’t have that much left to get to 800 in that so felt like a stupid idea. But would be so nice to just be able to gather herbs with my Warlock and not some alt that I have to level. Will see if I can make any gold on all the stuff I have been doing for alchemy. Might be able to get some of the gold back. That would be nice.

I have also done some binge watching of Stranger Things on Netflix today. I watched the whole first season. It was awesome, but I will probably have nightmares to night. really hate that I so easily get nightmares from stuff I watch. When I started watching The Walking Dead I dreamed about zombies for days after watching an episode. It was terrible. But it has gotten better and now I can actually watch an episode and don’t dream about zombies. Might be because I only watch it while there is light outside or because there is like no zombies in it anymore. Either way I am just glad that I don’t have zombie nightmares anymore.

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