This day has gone real slow. I woke up tired and it didn’t get better during the day. The only thing that made me stay awake was the thought of it being Friday. Which means weekend and two days when I can do whatever I want. Since they released 80 new Pokemon in Pokemon Go I will probably go on a walk tomorrow to try and catch some new ones. I did catch some of them already but I am nowhere near the 80 so got a lot do catch.

When I got home I played some WoW. Got the dungeon quests done for the alchemy, and thought that maybe I was done with the whole chain. But no I got a raid quest now, so have got to do that one too. Feels like it will never end. I also got a archeology quest that would end in a mount so definitely I am doing that one. I started with it but need 600 of “whatever the thing now was named” and I got about 300 when I quit the game for the night. So hopefully I will get it tomorrow, would be really nice with a new mount. Was quite a while since I got one. I have no idea how the mount look but it can’t be to bad, right?

So tomorrow beside catching Pokemon I will try and finish the archeology quest and the raid alchemy quest. Don’t know if the alchemy one will continue or not and I am not sure what I will end up getting beside some recipes. Hopefully I will get something good, but who knows?

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