I am so tired, but soon there is Friday and Friday mean that its soon Saturday and Saturday means sleeping in. I would really like for it to be Saturday tomorrow but no need to get through a Friday before. I haven’t really done much that would explain why I am so tired but it feels real good to have a weekend without any plans at all. And without any plans I mean I need to sort through some stuff in drawers and place else were so that I can get some more space for stuff. Will probably also play some WoW. I still have the dungeon alchemy quests I need to do, so will probably try and knock them out. And as I wrote yesterday there is the whole Timewalking dungeon holiday going on so need to do some of those as well. And I think my looking for raid is reset so need to do that also. And now I have stuff to do the whole weekend.

Will try and see a movie this weekend as well. I have so many that I want to see and I haven’t really prioritized watching movies. Haven’t really felt like it, so instead I have been binge watching TV-series. I would love that some of the series I watch would end, so that I don’t have that many to follow. Some of them really feels like they should have ended a long time ago, but they keep pushing out episodes. And I want to see how it ends and therefore I continue to watch them, while hoping for them to stop making more episodes.

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