My right foot has hurt like crazy today. I guess I have been walking too fast for it. Since I was at the doctor some weeks back and he told me I need to operate it the foot has actually been better. But it depends all on how much I walk and how fast. The most annoying thing isn’t that it hurts its that it feels like its swollen all the time. It just feels weird. I also gets the urge to bend my pinkie and the one beside it, but I cant since I hurt my foot. It is such a strange feeling. But I guess it could be worse, I have feeling in them and its not like i lost my toes so all in all everything is good. An other annoying thing is that while I am walking it hurts but that isn’t even close to how much it hurts when I have stopped walking and are sitting down.

I have played some WoW, need to finish my alchemy quest line I am on. So that I can finish leveling up to max. Not too much left now. Then it’s time for tailoring. I have done some leveling but it’s quite boring. But then leveling all the professions are. I had herbalism a while back and I actually like it. It was something soothing about just flying around and gather herbs. I am thinking leveling it up on one alt, but then I also need to level up the alt to max level and I don’t want to do that now. I think the one that’s closest is a level 100 priest, and that one I just boosted so it became 100 in an instant. So haven’t really played as it. Although I like leveling, I want to feel done with my warlock before I start leveling someone else.

When I bought materials for leveling my alchemy I realized how expansive them are. Its crazy, I have spent almost all my gold now. Need to make it up so I can earn some gold back soon. Don’t know how I will do it but I have to.

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