Today have been rather boring. I haven’t done much. I went to the gym as I do every Sunday. There was so many people there it was kind of annoying. It usually is quite empty around 11, but not today. It went quite good, my foot didn’t hurt too bad so I guess that’s something. When I got back I vacuumed and mopped my whole apartment. Wow that made it sound big. It’s actually kind of small so didn’t take that long to do. Then I shaved my legs and after that I showered.

Then I have spent the rest of the day playing WoW. I manage to do quite a bit. I did my first Mythic dungeon with some people in my guild. It started quite terrible since we didn’t have the dps for it. I was the one that did most damage, and well my damage sucks so that explains it all. One dps did say it was because of him so he left and then the tank left as well because he needed to do some IRL stuff. So we got some other people that wasn’t in our guild to join. We got an Affliction Warlock that did mad damage so after that everything went by quick. It was quite fun. Then I went and did some world quest, I saw that you need to do a lot of world quests to be able to get flying in Legion. So I guess I have to spend my time doing more of them. It’s kind of boring but I guess I have no choice. I really would like flying in Legion.

When I had done all the world quest that was on my to do list I started to level my alchemy. I was at like 540 when I started and got to about 710 when I realized I needed to do a dungeon to be able to buy some recipes I needed. So it was just do a looking for group and hope that the group would like to help me. Lucky for me they did. I had an other one that were doing the same quest so I did get the help I needed. So now I can progress onward.

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