My cat didn’t want me to go to work today, she usually doesn’t, and she shows it by laying on me while I am eating breakfast in front of the TV in the morning. When I need to go she just looks up at me with the most begging eyes, almost saying “please don’t go, stay home and pet me instead”. She also goes and lay in front of the door when I need to leave. It’s so hard to leave here when she is like that. You probably think “why is it so hard it’s just a cat”, to me she is so much more. She is the light in my life and every day since I got here my days have been brighter. I can’t believe she is three now, time sure flies.

Talking about time flies, it’s almost weekend again. And this weekend I am actually not going to spend it all playing WoW. Sure I will play as well but I have some garbage I need to take to the recycling center. I filled up my car last Sunday so it would be ready to go this Saturday. I have some more stuff inside I need to put in plastic bags before I can take it with me as well, but hopefully it will all go quick and smooth. But first there is a Friday to pull through. I am really tired so will probably fall asleep early, but that’s okay. It just mean that I will have more time on Saturday.

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