It’s been really cold lately, the winter came back with snow and some degrees below zero. I don’t like the winter and the cold. First you got to have so much clothes on to be able to go out and when you are out the cold makes your eyes all watery and it’s just annoying. I hate it. I would love to have summer all year round! I also have a tendency to slip on ice during the winter. I don’t know how many times I have fallen because of ice in the winter. It doesn’t matter how slow and carefully I walk if there is ice I will fall on it. I wish that I could just sit inside all winter, sipping tea and watching TV-series.

I love tea! I have got like 10 different kinds and they are all soooo good. It varies from the classic earl grey to one with a flavor of a mix of strawberries and mint. There isn’t much that I like more than drinking tea when I am cold. Hot chocolate works some times to, but not really my go to drink.

I would drink more tea when watching TV at the evening but am usually doing cross stitches and don’t want to get anything on the cloth. So I just end up not making tea and cross stitch instead. I have been stitching a car for my dad which i gave him in Christmas present, and by that I don’t mean the Christmas that was about a month ago I mean the one before. I feel really bad that I haven’t finished it up yet, and i really try to stitch on it all the time but frankly it is so boring. And its just one stitch in one color and then one stitch in an other color, it just takes so long to get it finished. So yesterday I took a break and started to stitch on an other piece I had started on a while back. Its one with Darkwing Duck, and its going to look so awesome! I make the pattern myself in a pattern maker using the sprite from the NES game. When I started making it I noticed that some of the colors were of and needed to be switched so now I have just eyeballed them with threads I had at home and I think the end result will look good. Can’t wait to finish it!

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