I have been really tired today. When I woke up this morning I had dreamed some weird dreams about zombies and people that I went to school with waaay back. It was really weird and I guess that’s to blame. I also did go to bed a little later than usual and I think that didn’t really help. But on the other hand I am always tired. Unless I sleep about 10-12 hours a day for about a week or two I am tired all the time. Just something I’ve gotten used to, it sucks tough. I would really like to be one of those people who can manage with just 5 hours sleep a night, I would get so much done! Just think about all the time I could spend playing games or watching TV-series. It would be so nice!

I watched the first episode of season 4 of Sherlock yesterday, it was an okay episode I think. I was not really focusing for some reason on the show, although I really like it. I guess I have just been feeling down a bit lately and been thinking about other stuff.

I watched an episode of SplatterCatGamings The Long Dark – Whiteout series on YouTube as well. He is so funny! Will be checking out his next Long Dark challenge play trough as well.

I also played some WoW. Did a looking for group dungeon with some people and the tank was so rude. Some one pulled some mobs by mistake and he just went nuts. And he wasn’t even a particularly good tank. He just ran in and pulled as much as he could, not thinking about us caster that cant run and cast at the same time. He just complained and complained although I think we did pretty good. I am was not even sure what he was complaining about half the time. If he hadn’t been the tank I would have kicked him out of the group but didn’t felt like waiting for fifteen minuets for a new. It really is a lack of tanks and healers on the servers right now.

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