Today when I woke up I got the usual feeling that every day is exactly the same; I wake up, make me ready to go to work, I work and then I get home and watch TV. Sounds boring right? Not really I actually like it, but some days it just feels empty. Today is one of those days. I didn’t really feel like going to work, I would rather have stayed home playing games all day.

I have started playing World of Warcraft again, when the Legion expansion was coming I really felt like starting again and so I did. And now I have played since it came out and I really enjoy it, if you make the exception of Suramar City. I really hate that place!

What I did like tough was the quest for your artifact weapon and I tried to get my second one yesterday, didn’t went to good. I switched specc and didn’t really know how to play as a Affliction Warlock, and to top it of my Scepter of Sargeras stopped working since I switched specc. So as I said didn’t go to well (read I died again and again against the boss). That resulted in me giving up and I went to do some world quests instead. I have managed to do all the ones with Murky and I did get an achievement for it and a toy. Always nice with a little something for your troubles.

And now I really spaced out and talked about WoW instead of how empty my day felt, well that kind of sums it up. When I wake up I feel all empty and then during the day stuff come in between me and my thoughts and I forget all about it. Its kinda nice to be able to just shake it of like that.

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