I just hate this time of year. The winter. We had some days were it almost felt like spring, and then it started to snow and it came around 3 centimeter of snow. I am okay with that but then it change to some degrees plus and the snow started to melt, and then it went back to minus and everything froze. So now we have a layer of ice on everything. The sidewalk is covered and its not just a nice layer of ice. No its a big layer of ice that isn’t smooth at all. So you have to walk really careful and the uneven surface isn’t at all good for my foot. It almost feel like I am standing still when I am walking, since I am walking so slow. I wish I could just stay at home instead of going to work. But that’s not an option so need to go outside.

I played some WoW yesterday and I did put some gems in my gear and enchanted my neck. I did get a slight decrease in my cast time, so that’s nice. Not that much, but the neck enchant do have some chance to increase haste every so often so that’s nice. I also did buy some herbs with Blood of Sargeras, so now I am about 20 from max alchemy level. Unfortunately it will take lots of material to get to 800, so will be a while until I am there.

I haven’t played much lately, instead I have been watching the TV series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments on Netflix. It’s an okay series, but I think it were better as a movie.


I have felt rather down lately. I am not sure why, might be because I am so tired and my foot has hurt so much. When I am down I just start thinking about everything. Like do I really want to work where I work, do I want to work with what I do, do I like were I live, do I feel happy, what am I doing with my life, is this how life is supposed to be, and so on. Sometimes I wish I was just a kid again, living at home with my parents. With not a care in the world, everything were so much easier back then. Watching cartoons and playing with friends. I actually got the urge to watch Winnie the Pooh, which I watched when I was little. I have a lot of happy memories from when I was little and watched Winnie the Pooh. I haven’t gotten the show I watched so can’t really watch it now, little bit disappointing but I guess I have to be an adult and just live with it.

Yesterday since I was tired I didn’t play anything. I did however continued to watch MathasGames Oxygen not Included lets play. The game really seems nice, can’t wait until it is released. I do need to play some of my games on Steam, I have so many of them and I haven’t played even half of them. I really need to start playing them, instead of just stockpiling them. I have so many that I don’t even now were to start, probably should finish the ones I have actually started. But most of them is games that takes a long ass time to finish, and that takes time away from me playing WoW. So guess I need to choose what to play. Will probably focus on WoW for now, while I still think its fun.


Yesterday I fell asleep early was really nice. Although it would had been nice to play some WoW. I have now put a gem in my legendary ring and I also discovered that there was an enchant for it. So now I have the gem Saber’s Eye of Intellect and the enchant Binding of Haste on it. Really nice with some haste, but still have a long way to go for it to have some effect. Was thinking about putting in Quick Dawnlight on the stuff I have sockets on. Need to check what the price is on them first though. If it’s too expensive I won’t do it. Just not worth it, but I do need the haste. I also need to check how much the neck and back enchant is, if they aren’t to pricey I will end up buying.

I also discovered that I can buy herbs with Blood of Sargeras. That is real nice, and I will probably buy some Starlight Rose since those cost a lot on AH. Only downside is you only get 3 Starlight Rose for 1 Blood of Sargeras. That is probably one of the reasons why they are so expensive on AH. Need to check how many I need to get to 800 in alchemy. Don’t have too much left so shouldn’t need that many. And I do have about 100 Blood Of Sargeras in my bank. They are quite easy to come by as well so that is a plus.

Before I fell asleep yesterday I watched Northenlion and MathasGames Oxygen not Included lets plays. The game looks really nice, and I really like Kleis art style. I have played some Don’t Starve and I do own Shank and Shank 2 although I haven’t played them yet. I really need to do that. I might buy Oxygen not Included when it releases, as of now it’s just in alpha, but it looks really good for an alpha. Can’t wait to see more of the game.


I am really out of energy today. I think it’s because I binged watched Stranger things so didn’t go to bed until 1 on Saturday and then I woke up early on Sunday for some reason. Was tired when I woke up but to many thoughts in my head so couldn’t sleep. And today is a work day so up early and go to work. So guess I will be tired the whole week, as usual.

Yesterday I went to the gym, it went well. I did walk really slow when I was going home because my foot hurt, and it still does. Would be nice to know when they are going to perform the surgery. At the earliest I can know around Mars 1:st, it’s not that far away, but then I have to wait for the actual day. Would be really nice to just be done with it.

I also played some WoW. Finished the archeology quest and got a sweet looking mount. Took some time though since I did the surveying while queuing in the LFR, and as soon I got a group I left and played the raid instead. I did get my first legendary. It was soooo awesome. Really nice ring with a lot of haste, and I have really been lacking haste so it was really welcome. That made me so happy, might be able to do some mythic soon. It had one socket so now I will definitely buy a gem for it. I think it’s been too expensive to buy a gem for gear that you swap out fast, but this one I will keep for a long time so gem time. I don’t even remember what gem to buy so need to check that one up.

I did sell some potion of prolonged power on AH, made some sweet money. It’s kind of easy gold because I only use a crystal vial and a blood of Sargeras. I had like almost 200 blood of Sargeras and you get 10 bottles for each blood. I made about 200 potions and have sold almost all of them. So found a way to make gold. Need to check if I should be using the blood of Sargeras for something else or if I can continue to make potions and sell.

Getting there

Today I took a walk to catch some Pokemon. Walked way too fast and my foot has ached ever since. Wish I could learn to not push it to much, so that I won’t have the pain, but I guess that won’t happen. I also sorted through one of my cabinets and just put it in differently so that it got more organized. Really nice to have that done. Now I don’t think I have any more stuff I feel like I need to fix. So that’s nice. More time for gaming for me!

I played some WoW today as well. I finished the alchemy quest line, did only get some receipes and not anything cool at all. So that’s a bit disappointing, because the quest chain was a pain in the *beep*. But I am happy that it’s over. Now I just need to get the last few levels to 800 and be done with alchemy. But don’t have the gold for the materials so can’t really finish that yet. Need to check if I can get on of my alts to 110 so I can do some herbalism gathering with it. I also felt like changing my Warlock from tailoring to herbalism, but I don’t have that much left to get to 800 in that so felt like a stupid idea. But would be so nice to just be able to gather herbs with my Warlock and not some alt that I have to level. Will see if I can make any gold on all the stuff I have been doing for alchemy. Might be able to get some of the gold back. That would be nice.

I have also done some binge watching of Stranger Things on Netflix today. I watched the whole first season. It was awesome, but I will probably have nightmares to night. really hate that I so easily get nightmares from stuff I watch. When I started watching The Walking Dead I dreamed about zombies for days after watching an episode. It was terrible. But it has gotten better and now I can actually watch an episode and don’t dream about zombies. Might be because I only watch it while there is light outside or because there is like no zombies in it anymore. Either way I am just glad that I don’t have zombie nightmares anymore.


This day has gone real slow. I woke up tired and it didn’t get better during the day. The only thing that made me stay awake was the thought of it being Friday. Which means weekend and two days when I can do whatever I want. Since they released 80 new Pokemon in Pokemon Go I will probably go on a walk tomorrow to try and catch some new ones. I did catch some of them already but I am nowhere near the 80 so got a lot do catch.

When I got home I played some WoW. Got the dungeon quests done for the alchemy, and thought that maybe I was done with the whole chain. But no I got a raid quest now, so have got to do that one too. Feels like it will never end. I also got a archeology quest that would end in a mount so definitely I am doing that one. I started with it but need 600 of “whatever the thing now was named” and I got about 300 when I quit the game for the night. So hopefully I will get it tomorrow, would be really nice with a new mount. Was quite a while since I got one. I have no idea how the mount look but it can’t be to bad, right?

So tomorrow beside catching Pokemon I will try and finish the archeology quest and the raid alchemy quest. Don’t know if the alchemy one will continue or not and I am not sure what I will end up getting beside some recipes. Hopefully I will get something good, but who knows?


I am so tired, but soon there is Friday and Friday mean that its soon Saturday and Saturday means sleeping in. I would really like for it to be Saturday tomorrow but no need to get through a Friday before. I haven’t really done much that would explain why I am so tired but it feels real good to have a weekend without any plans at all. And without any plans I mean I need to sort through some stuff in drawers and place else were so that I can get some more space for stuff. Will probably also play some WoW. I still have the dungeon alchemy quests I need to do, so will probably try and knock them out. And as I wrote yesterday there is the whole Timewalking dungeon holiday going on so need to do some of those as well. And I think my looking for raid is reset so need to do that also. And now I have stuff to do the whole weekend.

Will try and see a movie this weekend as well. I have so many that I want to see and I haven’t really prioritized watching movies. Haven’t really felt like it, so instead I have been binge watching TV-series. I would love that some of the series I watch would end, so that I don’t have that many to follow. Some of them really feels like they should have ended a long time ago, but they keep pushing out episodes. And I want to see how it ends and therefore I continue to watch them, while hoping for them to stop making more episodes.